Call for Proposals: Urban Politics in the MENA

Political and social scientists have increasingly turned to the study of urban politics, with a growing literature on local and regional governance and institutions, political geography and territoriality, the politics and processes of spatial production, urban infrastructural politics and the role of urban space in political mobilization.

To explore these issues, the Project on Middle East Political Science (POMEPS) invites proposals for short papers (approximately 2,500 words) exploring urban politics in the MENA region.  Topics might include the politics of memory in space; infrastructures and urbanism; local elections and governing the city; spatial dimensions of securitization and violence; space and protest; expertise and spatial production; urban ecology; climate change and the city; political geography and territoriality; housing and its politics; labor migration and refugee movements; and other related topics. The workshop will be held in Beirut in collaboration with The Policy Initiative on February 17, 2023. The papers will be due one week before the workshop, and after the workshop will be revised for publication in the POMEPS Studies open-access series.

To apply, please provide your name, affiliation, and a one paragraph proposal via this Google Form. The deadline to apply is September 26, 2022.