Call for Proposals: “Theories of Regional Order in the Middle East” Workshop

Discussions of the international relations of the Middle East commonly invoke the concept of regional order to understand relations between different actors.  But what exactly do we mean by order in the Middle Eastern context?  Regional order could refer to the distribution of power (both material and ideational), to some set of norms and rules governing state (and non-state) interactions and patterns of behavior, to normative visions of the appropriate purpose of international politics, or to complex layers of state and transnational networks. Which of these conceptions best captures the most significant aspects of international order?  How do these understandings relate to broader trends in the field of IR theory?  How would we assess whether, when, and to what degree regional order has changed?  To explore these themes,  POMEPS and SEPAD invite proposals for articles to be included in a journal special issue on the theme of regional order in the Middle East.

To apply, use this form to submit a CV and abstract of approximately 500 words describing the argument, theoretical approach and empirical contribution by August 1, 2021.  Initial drafts will be discussed in a virtual format in November, and then revised papers will be discussed at an in-person workshop in London in the early spring (COVID conditions permitting).