POMEPS Call for Proposals – Politics of Sports in the Middle East

The Qatar World Cup, set to begin in November, will focus world attention on one of the many complex dimensions of the politics of sports in the Middle East and North Africa.  Soccer in particular lies at the intersection of nationalism, identity and political economy: the domestic politics of ethnic and sectarian identification with particular clubs, the global phenomenon of Egyptian Mo Saleh, the acquisition of major clubs by Gulf states, the emotions attached to national teams in international competitions, the abusive labor practices behind the rapid construction of stadiums to house the World Cup, and more. The Project on Middle East Politics invites proposals for short papers (approximately 2,500 words) exploring the fascinating, complex politics of sports in the Middle East. Possible topics go beyond soccer, and could address critical issues related to youth, gender, identity and political economy in any sport.  The workshop will be held at the George Washington University in Washington DC on September 23, 2022, with a virtual option for those unable to obtain visas. The papers will be due exactly one week before the workshop.

To apply, please complete this Google Form. The deadline to apply is Monday, August 1, 2022.