Call for Papers: Workshop on Regional and Cross-Regional LGBTQ Advocacy in the Global South


 Call for Papers: 

Workshop on Regional and Cross-Regional LGBTQ Advocacy in the Global South:

Challenges, Opportunities and Significance

May 10, 2022 via zoom

This workshop brings together scholars examining regional and cross-regional LGBTQ activism in the Global South.  While raising concerns about the power imbalance between the Global North and the Global South, the literature on international LGBTQ advocacy work neglects the growing number of international advocacy initiatives arising within the Global South.  Addressing this lacuna, this workshop will explore South-South LGBTQ initiatives.  Workshop participants will engage with the theoretical and practical implications of regional and cross-regional LGBTQ alliances, networks  and  dialogues.  What does it mean for LGBTQ activism to be grounded in the local, and what does this look like in practice? To what extent and how do these initiatives constitute decolonialactivism?  Do regional or cross regional initiatives enable activists to pursue priorities that are not on the agenda of Global North funders?How do those engaged in regional and cross-regional networks and initiatives understand these activities and connections?  

Applicants are invited to submit paper proposals addressing these and other questions by January 4th to or 

All theoretical and methodological perspectives welcome.