Call for Papers: Middle East Media Monitor

FPRI’s Program on the Middle East is soliciting submissions for its article series: The Middle East Media Monitor.

Middle East Media Monitor is a series within FPRI’s notable E-Note publication, published monthly, reviewing a current topic in the Middle East media from the perspective of the foreign language press coverage in countries such as Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Turkey, etc. These articles should be about 1,500 words in length should focus on providing FPRI’s readership with an inside view on how some of the most prominent countries in the Middle East are covering issues of importance to the American foreign policy community. The aim of Middle East Media Monitor is to complement other scholarly analyses being published by FPRI by shedding light on how those same events are being portrayed from within.

Prospective authors are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Middle East Media Monitor by examining some of its recent articles. Authors are asked to utilize primary source references and to provide brief, thoughtful analyses about contemporary Middle East topics as reported almost exclusively in the Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, and Hebrew. Authors should aim provide an unbiased account of how the foreign media is covering a specific topic. These accounts can be critical but should remain devoid of personal opinions. Authors of this series have primarily been graduate students and young up-and-coming researchers focused on the Middle East. There is no payment for these articles at this time.

For more information, please contact Tally Helfont, Managing Director, Program on the Middle East.

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