Award Opportunity: Susan S. Northcutt Award

The Susan S. Northcutt Award was established in 2003 by the Women’s Caucus for International Studies (WCIS) to honor the Caucus’ founder, Susan S. Northcutt. The award recognizes a person who actively works towards recruiting and advancing women and other underrepresented scholars in the profession, and whose spirit is inclusive, generous, and conscientious. While also, acknowledging someone who has made significant contributions through service and competence to the field of international studies and to the International Studies Association. Recipients must be current members of ISA. The recipient must demonstrate the strength of their candidacy based on the intention of the Northcutt Award, which is to recognize not only outstanding service and competence in their field, but also exceptional inclusivity and courageous work in advancing women and other minorities in the international studies profession.

• Nomination should include a brief (three pages maximum) articulation of the candidate’s strengths relevant to the aims of the Northcutt Award.

• Nominations for this Award must be submitted to the Awards/Nominations Coordinator by November 1, 2023.

• Self-nominations are welcomed.

• Questions regarding the application/nomination process may be directed to WCIS Awards/Nominations Coordinator Coordinator Pamina Firchow.

• Please note that WCIS Executive Committee members are not eligible to apply.