APSA MENA Workshop: Call for Leadership Proposals

Deadline: 5:00 PM ET, November 11, 2013

The American Political Science Association (APSA) is currently soliciting proposals from political scientists interested in serving as co-leaders for the 2014 MENA Workshop program. This is a unique opportunity for senior scholars from the US and the Middle East to engage, collaboratively and directly, with emerging scholars from across the region on a specific research question or thematic focus. A modest honorarium will be provided and related expenses (meals, transportation, and lodging) will be covered.

The 2014 workshops will be conducted as a series of two one-week sessions linked by a 3-4 month break for writing, research, and mentorship. The first of the two workshops will take place in May or June, with a follow-up workshop in August or September. Each session brings together approximately 20 PhD candidates and early-career scholars from across the MENA region, plus several from the United States and Europe, for a program of training in basic research skills, discussion of topical literature, presentation of research manuscripts, and professional networking. The working language of the program is English.

Workshop leaders serve as academic directors of the program and will be responsible for designing a unique syllabus and academic program that is structured around experienced and established partnerships. This includes identifying a university or research institute in the MENA region to host the workshop. Workshop administration and logistics will be led by APSA staff in conjunction with local host partners. Proposals may be submitted by a combination of Junior (assistant professor) and Senior (associate or full professor) scholars; however, the senior scholar must be the lead applicant. At least one member of the four-person team must be based at the regional host institution; the others may come from elsewhere in the MENA region, the United States and/or Europe. The deadline for applications is November 11, 2013.

APSA’s MENA Workshops program is a multi-year collaboration with early-career scholars in the Arab Middle East and North Africa to enhance scholarly networks and support political science research across the region. With support from the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the inaugural MENA workshop on “States in Transition, Constitutional Engineering and Political Science Research” is currently scheduled to take place at the American University in Cairo (AUC) from February 9-14, 2014.

The full description of the program and application process is available online. For more information, check our frequently asked questions, send an email to menaworkshops@apsanet.org, or call Andrew Stinson at (202) 349-9364.


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