APSA-MENA/POMEPS Professional Development Workshop Session Fall 2020

POMEPS Professional Development Seminars #1
September 9th, 2020
Virtual – Zoom

POMEPS, the APSA-MENA Politics Section, and the APSA-MENA Workshops co-sponsored the Research Development Group Professional Development Session Workshop on September 9th, 2020, held over Zoom. Speakers gave useful advice to graduate students and junior scholars as they navigate the academic job market. Here is the video from the session.


Speakers and Topics (in order of appearance)

Jillian Schwedler:  Developing a Publication Agenda

Marc Lynch:  Turning Dissertations into Books

Lisel Hintz:  Post-Doctoral Fellowships

Elizabeth Nugent: Navigating the Job Market (check out Elizabeth Nugent’s PowerPoint here)

May Darwich: The UK and European Job Markets (check out May Darwich’s PowerPoint here)

Sean Yom:  Consulting and Non-Academic Publishing