Announcing POMEPS Studies

With last week’s publication of The Ethics of Research in the Middle East, we are delighted to officially announce the launch of a new POMEPS publication series: POMEPS Studies.

POMEPS Studies fill a different space than the POMEPS Briefings series, which we have published since January 2011. POMEPS Briefings collected relevant previously published Middle East Channel or Monkey Cage articles on countries or themes in the news, such as Breaking Bahrain (April 2012), Jordan, Forever on the Brink (May 2012), Kuwait’s Moment of Truth (November 2012), The Battle for Egypt’s Constitution (January 2013), Yemen’s National Dialogue (March 2013) and Turkey’s Turmoil (January 2014).

Each volume of the POMEPS Studies series features a collection of original scholarly contributions on a theme, area, or issue of interest. The essays are typically written for presentation and discussion at POMEPS workshops, and seek to examine new areas of research, academic debates, or broad thematic concerns. We have included several of the earlier POMEPS Briefings that fit this model in the new POMEPS Studies series, including The Political Science of Syria’s War, Rethinking Islamist Politics, Visions of Gulf Security, The Arab Monarchy Debate, The Politics of Sectarianism, The New Salafi Politics, and New Opportunities for Political Science.

All POMEPS Studies are available as a free, downloadable PDF, with all individual essays posted to the POMEPS website.

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