Announcing: APSA Pre-Conference Short Course

APSA Pre-Conference Short Course 

Best Strategies to Teach Women and Gender in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) 


9:00 am – 1:00 pm 

Parc 55, Balboa 

San Francisco, CA 

 Organizer: Gamze Çavdar, PhD 

Speakers: Valentine Moghadam, PhD 

        Marwa Shalaby, PhD 

      Nermin Allam, PhD 

    Shirin Saeidi, PhD 

      Gamze Çavdar, PhD 


Despite its global significance, the MENA region remains one of the most poorly-understood regions for Americans. Some topics, such as women, gender, Islam, etc. are particularly challenging to cover in the classroom. 

This half-a-day course seeks to help political science faculty and students who are currently teaching or preparing to teach courses on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), in general, and women and gender, in particular. The course will introduce some theoretical and pedagogical approaches and share best strategies to address issues around women and gender. It will also provide a platform to exchange ideas and initiate conversations among all participants and speakers. Speakers will share their teaching tips and strategies in a panel at the end. Upon completing the course, participants will have access to resources, such as reading and documentary/movie lists and receive a certificate. 

Speakers and Topics: 

  • Valentine Moghadam: “Adressing Issues of Structure and Agency” 
  • Marwa Shalaby: “Incorporating Women’s Voices into Teaching Gender Politics in the Middle East” 
  • Nermin AllamTeaching Gender Politics and the Middle East: A Feminist Engaged Pedagogy 
  • Shirin Saeidi“Teaching Gender and Politics of the Middle East Comparatively: Experiences From the US South”  
  • Gamze Çavdar“Undermining Bias and Introducing a Framework in Teaching Gender Politics of MENA 


At the end of the course, the participants: 

  • will be informed about theoretical approaches to cover women and gender;  
  • will articulate some of the best strategies;  
  • will have access to reading and documentary/movie lists;  
  • will share ideas with other colleagues; will be informed about pedagogical approaches