A Half Century of Occupation: A Conversation with Gershon Shafir (S. 6, Ep. 16)

On today’s podcast, Marc Lynch speaks with Gershon Shafir about his latest book, A Half Century of Occupation: Israel, Palestine, and the World’s Most Intractable Conflict. Shafir is a Professor of Sociology at the University of California, San Diego.

“In many ways, the occupation is all about is a military control that allows Israel to deploy various [methods] of control that no civilian government could could contemplate. This affects not only Palestinians who engage in hostile activities against Israel— or even suspect of engaging activities— but also their families, friends, and the rest of the Palestinian population.”

“I would say that today Israel itself is being occupied by the occupation.” Shafir says, “Not only the West Bank, but the Israeli mind is being colonized.”

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