Matt Buehler of the University of Tennessee shows how Morocco’s unions took advantage of the Arab uprisings.

Iraqi pollster Munqith al-Dagher of IIACSS reveals polling data from 2014 to demonstrate how Iraqi Sunnis really feel about the Islamic State.

POMEPS Director Marc Lynch uncovers the political theory of Kendrick Lamar, praising Kendrick’s sustained meditation on the nature of power, identity and leadership on “To Pimp a Butterfly.”

BONUS: If you’re catching up on events in Yemen, check out Lynch’s list of essential Yemen reading over at Abu Aardvark.


Finally, here is the Monkey Cage Israeli election recap:

Brent E. Sasley of UT Arlington points to the weakening of the Israeli left and why it matters for a new government.

Nadav Shelef of the University of Wisconsin-Madison demonstrates why Netanyahu’s win isn’t that dramatic.

Evgeny Finkel of the George Washington University explains how the final 10 days of campaigning made the elections tough to call — a follow up to “To Bibi or not to Bibi.”

Yousef Munayyer of the University of Maryland looks at the new role of Palestinian citizens in Israel.


This Week on Monkey Cage: Iraqi Public Opinion and Morocco’s Protests

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