Islamism in the IS Age

From POMEPS Director Marc Lynch:

“The ‘IS-ification of Islamist politics,’ in Khalil al-Anani’s felicitous phrase, has reshaped the ideological and strategic incentives for Islamist groups and their adversaries. It has also posed a new challenge to the categories, concepts and expectations of the academics who study them. In January, the Project on Middle East Political Science brought together more than a dozen leading scholars of Islamist movements to discuss the Islamic State and its effects on the broader terrain of Islamist politics. Some of the papers prepared for that workshop have been published on The Monkey Cage already and all are now collected into a new edition in the POMEPS Studies series ‘Islamism in the IS Age,’ available for free download here.”

Continue reading Lynch’s introduction on The Monkey Cage.

For more background on the Islamic State, read:

New Release: Islamism in the IS Age

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