This week on the Monkey Cage, the “Islamist Politics in the Shadow of the Islamic State” symposium continues with analysis of Egypt, Turkey, and the Gulf and Barbara F. Walter of the Political Violence at a Glance blog makes a guest contribution.

Jillian Schwedler of Hunter College, CUNY explains why academics can’t get beyond the moderate-radical binary (spoiler: Islamaphobia isn’t helping).

Barbara F. Walter of UC San Diego identifies the factors behind the flourishing of violent radical Islamic groups in the civil wars in Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Yemen. Bonus: How U.S. policymakers can counter this extremism.

Kristin Smith Diwan, a visiting scholar at George Washington University, measures the impact of the Muslim Brotherhood’s recent losses in the Gulf and questions whether these losses have created a new space for other Islamist rivals, namely the Islamic State.

Kristin Fabbe of Claremont McKenna College asks if secularization is on the reverse in Turkey, exploring evidence from the Directorate of Religious Affairs and educational system.

Mokhtar Awad of the Center for American Progress and Nathan J. Brown of the George Washington University detail the war of words in Egypt between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Sissi regime that is feeding a cycle of violence.

Extra! Extra! Raphaël Lefèvre, a visiting scholar at Carnegie Middle East Center, sits down with POMEPS Director Marc Lynch to chat about the political dynamics of Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood in POMEPS Conversations 46. Plus, he writes about the Syrian Brotherhood’s Islamic State challenge here.

— C.K. 

This Week on Monkey Cage: Secularists and Moderates and Radicals, Oh My

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