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November 12, 2011

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“POMEPS Conversations” is a series of short video conversations between POMEPS Director Marc Lynch and prominent scholars in the field. Conversations cover a wide range of topics: issues specific to political science, the politics of particular countries in which scholars have expertise, or recently published works. We hope that this will become a useful and important archive of the constantly evolving field of political science and the Middle East.

48. Sarah Bush, Temple University, May 7, 2015. Topics: Democracy Assistance, Jordan, and Tunisia

47. Monica Marks, St Antony’s College, Oxford. February 17, 2015. Topics: Islamist Movements, Politics, and Society in Tunisia

46. Raphaël Lefèvre, University of Cambridge. February 10, 2015. Topics: Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, Syrian Civil War, Lebanon.

45. Richard A. Nielsen, MIT. February 2, 2015. Topics: Egypt, Radicalization, Jihadists.

44. Abdullah Al-Arian, Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in Qatar. January 21, 2015. Topics: Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt, Youth Activism.

43. Michael Herb, Georgia State University. December 29, 2014. Topics: Kuwait, UAE, Oil, Economic Development.

42. Laurie A. Brand, November 3, 2014. University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Topics: National Narratives, Egypt, Algeria, Jordan.

41. Melani Cammett, Brown University. October 30, 2014. Topics: Social Service Provision, Political Parties, Lebanon.

40. Joel S. Migdal, University of Washington. October 21, 2014. Topics: U.S. Foreign Policy, Governance, Arab Uprisings.

39. Hisham D. Aidi, Columbia University. September 26, 2014. Topics: Muslim Youth, Hip Hop, Activism.

38. Norma Claire Moruzzi, University of Illinois at Chicago. September 17, 2014. Topics: Iranian Women, Education, Rouhani.

37. Kaveh Ehsani, DePaul University. September 12, 2014. Topics: Iranian Politics, Rouhani, Khatami.

36. Tarek Masoud, Harvard University. September 9, 2014. Topics: Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, Political Islam.

35. Sheila Carapico, University of Richmond. April 16, 2014. Topics: Yemen, National Dialogue Conference, Drone Strikes.

34. Carrie Rosefsky Wickham, Emory University. February 20, 2014. Topics: Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic activism.

33. François Burgat, Institut de Recherches et d’Etudes sur le Monde Arabe et Musulman. February 7, 2014. Topics: Islamic movements.

32. Thomas Hegghammer, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment. January 30, 2014. Topics: jihadism, foreign fighters in Syria.

31. David Faris, Roosevelt University. December 6, 2013. Topics: social media, activism, Egyptian revolution.

30.  Ian Lustick, University of Pennsylvania. November 22, 2013. Topics: Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

29.  Aboubakr Jamaï, Robert Bosch Foundation. November 8, 2013. Topics: Moroccan media, press freedom.

28.  Toby Matthiesen, Cambridge University. November 1, 2013. Topics: Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, sectarianism.

27.  Adria Lawrence, Yale University. October 25, 2013. Topics: Morocco, nationalism, protest movements.

26.  John Entelis, Fordham University. October 18, 2013. Topics: Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, revolution.

25.  James Toth, New York University Abu Dhabi. October 10, 2013. Topics: Egypt, anthropology, Sayyid Qutb.

24.  Nathan J. Brown, The George Washington University. August 27, 2013. Topics: Egyptian military, Muslim Brotherhood, constitution.

23.  Jenny White, Boston University. August 19, 2013. Topics: Turkish nationalism, polarization.

22.  Philip Howard & Muzammil Hussain, University of Washington. August 13, 2013. Topics: Digital media, Arab Uprisings.

21.  Mark Tessler, University of Michigan. June 18, 2013. Topics: Arab Barometer, survey research.

20.  Shibley Telhami, University of Maryland. June 7, 2013. Topics: Arab public opinion, identity.

19.  Stacey Philbrick Yadav, Hobart and William Smith Colleges. May 7, 2013. Topics: Yemen, Lebanon, Islamism.

18.  Christopher Davidson, Durham University. March 21, 2013. Topics: Gulf politics, monarchies.

17.  Lindsay Benstead, Portland State University. February 25, 2013. Topics: Tunisia, Algeria, elections.

16.  Matthew Buehler, University of Texas, Austin. February 18, 2013. Topics: Moroccan Islamist politics, Mauritania.

15.  Ellen Lust, Yale University. February 13, 2013. Topics: Jordanian elections, participation, reform.

14.  Gershon Shafir, University of California, San Diego. February 4, 2013. Topics: social biographies, Israeli/Palestinian peace process.

13.  Ilan Peleg, Lafayette College. January 28, 2013. Topics: Israeli election, identity politics, Israeli/Palestinian peace process.

12.  Michael Willis, Oxford University. December 20, 2012. Topics: Maghreb, Algeria, revolution.

11.  Nathan J. Brown, The George Washington University. December 12, 2012. Topics: Egypt, constitution, law, Muslim Brotherhood.

10.  Kristin Smith Diwan, American University. December 10, 2012. Topics: Kuwait, elections, protest movements.

9.  Wendy Pearlman, Northwestern University. November 30, 2012. Topics: Syria, refugees, non-violent protest movements.

8.  Jillian Schwedler, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. November 16, 2012. Topics: Jordan, protest movements.

7.  Jason Brownlee, University of Texas, Austin. November 2, 2012. Topics: Egypt, U.S. foreign policy, democracy, Brownlee’s new book Deterring Democracy.

6.  David Patel, Cornell University. October 24, 2012. Topics: Iraq, institutions, Middle East Studies.

5.  Joshua Stacher, Kent State University. September 24, 2012. Topics: Egypt, Syria, Stacher’s new book Adaptable Autocrats.

4.  Curtis Ryan, Appalachian State University. September 19, 2012. Topic: Jordan.

3.  F. Gregory Gause, III, University of Vermont. September 12, 2012. Topics: Middle East Studies, Saudi Arabia, monarchy, and the GCC.

2.  M. Cherif Bassiouni, DePaul University. April 17, 2012. Topics: The Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry, Libya, Egypt, international law.

1.  Timothy Mitchell, Columbia University. February 8, 2012. Topic: Carbon Democracy, Mitchell’s recently published book on oil.


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